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AcroYoga is Here!

By on Nov 10, 2019 in Yoga | 3 comments

Each Sunday at 1:30pm in my AssistedYoga Home Studio I hold space for AcroYoga. Today we experience the thrill of being swept off our feet. It was William Webb who showed up. I was honored to share my passion of this intimate form of yoga. We started off with me supporting him in DownDog. Which immediately I realized I was working to hard, so w his permission I swept him off his feet. Because my original posture had my feet on his hips and my hands on his shoulders I had him almost in an AcroSage position. I moved my feet to his thighs and continued to support his shoulders. I was pleased w benefits I was feeling.

Then it was my turn to be flown. The session ended early. I’m just so happy we had that special meaningful time together.

To me AcroYoga provides an opportunity to see how our thinking mind can be a distraction from our Spiritual practice. For instance can we be Okay we Love, Peace, Harmony and quietness?