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Yoga Nidra CD:

Yoga Nidra is The Solution to getting a deeper nights sleep

When a person sleeps with dreaming or wakes up and falls back to sleep often or even if you sleep normally, you probably are not getting a deep silent sound sleep. With the Yoga Nidra CD the intent is to listen to it for the whole hour. You practice the techniques, the body relaxes, the mind calms down and the emotions recede from where they came. Then after letting go of physical tension, mental overload and emotional baggage, the true human self can get into that Delta brain wave…but this is a technique one must learn. My Yoga Nidra CD is designed to teach you how to sleep like a YOGI. (Yes, OK, I can hear it now, like Yogi Bear during hibernation). The good part is doing this one hour CD is better than 4 hours of normal sleep. Plus the benefits of this technique is more peace and calm in your life. Yoga Nidra deals with how the brain remembers things: that means the physical, mental and emotional stored-up stuff ……..Well think of it this way – it defrags us – just like a computer needs to be defragged once in a while, we too MUST DEFRAG.

The Yoga Nidra CD is used: 1) When you want better sleep, a clearer mind and a more alert brain when you wake up, 2) when your not feeling well, 3) when you are too tired to sleep, 4) when you can’t sleep, 5) when you will not have enough time to get your regular sleep.

Yoga Nidra CD: takes you to CDBaby where you can preview and purchase Elizabeth Webb’s Yoga Nidra CD.

And remember, listening and doing this CD makes up – gives you – puts you into a deep state of sleep – WELL > I could go on and on – if you want more, buy the CD, just click the PayPal link.

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