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Your Yoga Lifestyle Coach: Trailer from Bill Webb Music on Vimeo.

Watch the Trailer above or scroll through the episodes below and pick the cure you need. 30 minute yoga classes that address common problems and solutions, balance and increase energy. These episodes demonstrate poses that enhance your well-being.
-Use these routines to overcome conditions that seem to hold you back from functioning optimally!

Quit Caffeine

Using the Breathe of Fire gives a natural boost. Quit Caffeine by applying some of these suggestions.

Enjoy the seminar and laugh along! Enhance Immune System with laughter.

Follow the Moon. These Moon Cycles guide you towards opening up to the phases of the moon. Stretch and move to keep nourished!

Yoga for depression. Clear your mind through opening up the body and allowing yourself to breath!

Follow along as I guide Shelly into poses that highten neck awareness. Help keep the vitality of the neck mobile

In this episode, you will follow along doing Sun Salutations in the chair and standing.

Ayurvedic Yoga follows ancient wisdom from India.  Your Yoga Lifestyle Coach suggests doing poses 3 different ways. We are doing yoga according to your Dosha (Vata, Pitta or Kapha). (Ops-Don’t know your Dosha?-take my test) Relaxing for Vata, neutral for Pita and invigorating for Kapha!

Yoga for the chakras. This will help you understand the seven energy centers and balance all functions of the chakra system. Dense lower physical body, heart energy. and spiritual higher upper body are harmonized.

Quiet yourself down by choosing a meditation style that suits you. Feeling safe and comfortable is helpful. Meditate by yourself or with others. These are natural techniques to focus attention and maintain your level of practice once attained. Find useful tools to overcome obstacles. Training the mind to be single focused.

Yoga Sutras as a meditation practice teaching mental focus that points inward. Instructions to uncover distractions, personality traits, facades, beliefs and other personal characteristics.

Pre and Post Gardening Stretches. You are encouraged to get on the ground and stretch out in the garden. Your nervous system is relaxed and simulated. Watch anytime you need helpful suggestions for inspired gardening yoga style.

Affirmations better your life and are used during this yoga class. Guided poses restore flexibility. Alternate Nostril breath to aids brain function. Re-seed the self and your emotions. Release tension with stretches. We are strong and flexible. Let go of tightness.

Ashley demonstrates Reiki on Elizabeth while explaining how Reiki harmonizes the body, balancing it to create the best conditions for healing and good health.

Elizabeth interviews Jamie about the Eastern Ayurvedic philosophy of preventing illness.

The Ayurvedic wholistic approach to living that increases energy and well-being.

Jamie explains the importance of living a pure clean lifestyle using.

Several Practitioners that I trust and work with express how you too can help yourself.

An interview and demonstration with Vicki Larsen. We discuss and show how Cranio Sacral therapies can help you!

Yoga for Digestion. I use Kundalini yoga presenting practices to aid the Liver, Spleen, Kidneys, bladder, lymph and digestive system. If you have digestive issues, feel sluggish or ate too much this episode will give the cure.

This episode expresses my passion for Partner Yoga. My special guest Hector from Wellness Resonance assists me in Acro Sage. Acro (hightened) Sage (ancient wisdom). We combine Team Yoga, Martial Arts and Thai Massage. Grab a partner and join us!

The chronic pain that accompanies Fibromyalgia can be intense and even unbearable for some. Join me in a gentle routine designed to get your blood flowing and alleviate tenderness within the body.

This Video has been helpful to many of my clients that have Rotator Cuff issues. If you have pain, injury or surgery in the shoulder you too can benefit. Watch this Therapeutic yoga program to prevent or alleviate pain. Using a ½ bolster is also demonstrated to reduce stiffness.

In this episode, we focus on how yoga is used therapeutically to prevent or relieve arthritis in your hands.

This episode emphasizes in detail how I use yoga therapeutically. My co-worker from Facilitated Healing, Penny, demonstrates poses for sciatica while I assist, stretch and encourage her into these healing positions  Yoga Nidra allows the brain to wave minimally allowing us to be able to just be in our heart.

In this episode, I’ve described 16 styles of yoga. All of the presented styles I’m trained in. I have adapted each of the poses while using a chair; so that these poses can be accessible for any person, in any situation.

Premier Episode: Your Yoga Lifestyle Coach. A peaceful 30 minute yoga class that balances and increases your energy. This episode demonstrates poses that enhance your stillness, according to an ancient Ayurvedic practice. Your dosha is a Ayurveda constitution that looks at Vata, Pitta, Kapha (air, fire, water). Of course, we all want to be balanced in each of the three doshas, but sometimes one of the doshas is dominant – and then we become ‘imbalanced’. Use this routine when tired or don’t have time to be tired! This yoga discipline helps keep you moving throughout your busy day. So that by the time you go to bed you’re not exhausted.