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Private or Semi Private Yoga

Schedule a Therapeutic,, Restorative or gentle Private Session for yourself.

A Semi Private Yoga Session is where you would ask family or friends to come along.

Yoga is adapted to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and or ailment to enhance well being.
Yoga Therapist, Elizabeth, will analyze ailments and prescribe recommended Yoga Poses to help assist the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit in the healing process. She is passionate about enhancing energy through Partner Yoga!

Therapist tests strenth and flexability

Therapeutic Private sessions

60 Minutes

$30 each session or 3 sessions $70.00

Schedule an Appointment. Make the commitment to set some time aside for yourself.

Check your calendar!

Contact me! You can either reach me at:

or you can CALL or TEXT me at: 262-894-3442

No yoga experience necessary!

Yoga for the Neck from By Elizabeth on Vimeo.

Elizabeth teaches Yoga therapeutically in all her classes


Step into the unknown while being supported. AcroYoga pushes the body, mind, emotion, energy and spirit of each individual. Find yourself being the flyer, base or spotter during these facilitated sessions.

Poses assist the body with vitality and stamina. You will also learn skills to support others. Be alive in the present moment. Share the energy from being in a space with others who practice with the same intention.

From basic principles, SIMPLE connections, to fundamental flows, these sessions will ask you to work as a group to build and discover the fun of Acro yoga.
Elizabeth Webb creates an energetic yet relaxing atmosphere.

Saturdays & Sundays @ 1 PM
Cost is $20.00 per session.


N4659 3rd Ave.
Oxford, WI

Please pre-register: text or call 262-894-3442