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Thai Massage

How does a Thai Session go?

A Thai Massage is where a client shows up with an intention of receiving a massage. They stay dressed (in comfortable clothing). They breathe along with the practitioner (that’s me!) and they feel their body being stretched into positions their mind could never conceive.

Do your vital organs get massaged? In the Western Culture, we don’t typically massage these parts of the body.


My teacher once said that we could spend the entire session, solely focused on working the abdomen. We could do the whole session just on the abdomen because it’s like the whole body is getting a massage. If we think about the organs… if they are healthy then our entire body is healthy. If we are healthy from the inside it reflects outwardly.

-The breathing to me is the foundation. Without proper pranayama, understanding how to breathe correctly, then no matter what kind of yoga massage we are receiving if we’re not inhaling and exhaling while we are receiving our massage it won’t be very beneficial. When proper breathing techniques are utilized, then the whole body and blood will be energized and alkalized. The body becomes alkalized because we are focused on how we are breathing.